Advertise smarter, scale your business

The Flip Ads Program transforms advertising by prioritizing genuine engagement over interruptions. It leverages organic content to connect brands with real consumers and utilizes intelligent analytics to ensure targeted reach and exceptional returns.

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Tailored solution for every business objective

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Expand your audience, find new buyers and cultivate recognition for your brand
Conversion Drive action to generate sales
ROAS Optimize your return on ad spend, ensuring that every dollar invested works harder

Simplicity meets performance

The Ads Manager is a hardcore performance media platform, yet it's the most user-friendly ads manager you've ever encountered.

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Maintain full control over objectives and budget

Define your business objectives, from sales and ROAS to audience expansion. With no minimum budget required, you have complete control over your spending.

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Flip shop post ads boosting

No new creative required, boost shoppers video reviews

Boost existing posts that you know are already generating results. Avoid wasting precious dollars on testing, and focus on what works.

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100% trackable

All results are fully trackable, and there are no iOS 14 issues.
Plus, you only pay when sales happen!

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Campaign results flip ads program

Brand’s success: Caraway case study

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2.6M Video views
9k+ New orders
50% Higher ROAs
"Flip has redefined what we expect from a sales channel. Minimal effort for maximum return – we saw our ROAS skyrocket by 50%, a clear indicator of Flip's unmatched platform efficiency."
Jordan Nathan Caraway founder and CEO Jordan Nathan Caraway Founder and CEO

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