Getting started is made easy with the power of MagicOS. It's Flip’s proprietary operating system, providing you with 24/7 access to your brand's overall performance, including insights on sales, and conversions, along with the capability to access user reviews and monitor the performance of each piece of content on Flip.

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Connect with your audience at every step of their journey, from initial discovery to final purchase decision. Monitor performance, gain valuable insights about your customer, and unlock opportunities for your brand to boost visibility, foster genuine engagement, and drive growth.

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Sales dashboard Track the sales metrics of your brand, find out how many items have been shipped out to your customers, and find ll the relevant data presented in a concise and clear format
Inventory Management You retain full control of your inventory, ensuring it's consistently available to you, without concerns about tying it up.
Content analysis and tracking Track the performance of all the content on Flip related to your brand. Know which of your products are popular and which ones are reviewed the most
Orders, items and payments Keep track of orders, manage payouts, and monitor transfers to your bank seamlessly - all within a single dashboard.
Ads Program management Scale your brand through our self-serve Ads Program tools, removing all the guess work when it comes to performance advertising

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